A relatively new type of driveway can be yours with the expertise and the knowledge of the team at L Murphy Construction Ltd. A resin bound driveway could just be what you are looking for to create a striking, superb finish that will compliment your property. Our experienced team can design and install this new type of driveway for you!

So what is resin bound?

Resin bond is a blend of natural stones or aggregates bound together with a strong durable UV stable resin. There are many types of stones and aggregates available on today’s market such as granite, gravel, shingle and quartz. Once you have chosen the stone or aggregate, you then need to choose the size of the stones because each size and shape changes the look of the paving. The shape, either angular or smooth is a personal preference and then obviously the colour needs to be decided upon. You can choose from one single colour to create a uniform look to your paving or you can mix a few different coloured stones together to create a unique look for your driveway, in the process creating a distinguished look that will be unique to your property.

Once the stones and the resin are mixed together, it is then put onto your driveway and finished by hand to create a seamless and superbly smooth finish. With the resin, you can either choose a transparent or coloured resin.

Different borders, steps, kerbs, curves and shapes can be achieved by choosing different colour combinations for these parts of the driveway or patio.

Resin bound surfaces are ideal for driveways as well as patios and pathways, they have many qualities including:


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