We specialise in cleaning, restoration and repair to all hard surfaces including Block Paving, Tarmac, Concrete, Paving slabs, Natural Paving Stones, Slabs, Pattern Imprinted Concrete, and garden walls. L Murphy Construction Ltd have invested in professional equipment designed to clean your driveway, patio or walls for all types and sizes of projects from domestic homes to commercial premises.

Once your surfaces are clean and restored to their former glory we then protect your surface by applying a sealer to discourage the growth of moss, weeds, algae.

Offering free quotes and affordable prices on all home improvements, our team of experts are here to help.

Our cleaning service is designed to remove

  Weed Groth
 Ants Nests
  Oil Stains

We also offer a sealing service for new driveways or patios that do not need cleaning. Our team are always available to offer friendly advice so please contact us to discuss your requirement.



Some surfaces requre regular maintenance, ever 3-4 years pattern imprinted concrete is due fror re-sealing. In order to protect your driveway and stop the colour from fading away this is essential maintenance that will make your driveway look like new again.

Poorly maintained imprinted concrete will deteriorate and erode over time with daily use, and weather conditions will eventually wear the original protective sealant. Once this process starts to happen your driveway will start to decline.

At L Murphy Construction Ltd we therefore recommend regular maintenace on your imprinted concrete driveway every 3-4 years to keep it looking it's best.

We are supporting the NHS through these difficult times

We want to recognise those of you who take care of all the important people in our lives and work so hard doing so. So, to say thanks to those in the NHS, Social Care, Emergency Services and Armed Forces we want to offer you a special discount to use when you want to use our services